Introducing the Connected Screen.

MODEL 3: A purpose built device that brings the power of online shopping, sensor fusion and computer vision to in-store mode.

The snap-on device can be attached to any shopping cart to bring the power of online shopping to in-store shoppers.
Engaged Shoppers. Bigger Baskets.
Veeve’s engagement platform increases shopper awareness of promotional products which results in higher levels of promotional redemption.
Bigger Baskets
Real-time personalization promotes near-by deals and coupons.
Average Spent
Location-aware technology so shoppers can easily locate in-store products.
Breathe New Life Into Your Print
Circulars with Video Feed
Stunning content to in-store shoppers. Location-aware deals, coupons, shoppable recipes, videos & more.
Shopper Experience.
Avg. Trip Time
Shoppers spend less time in the store but buy more.
Shoppers maximize their trips by saving time and money.
  • No learning

    Just grab a cart with the screen and start shopping. Automatically see deals, coupons and promos as you move from aisle to aisle.

  • Nothing
    to clip-on or off

    Zero shopper friction to get started. Maximize device utilization.

  • No app & no
    login required

    Shoppers can choose to shop in guest mode or enter mobile number for a personalized experience.

Our Customers
Our technology is deployed in some of the biggest retail brands.
Retailer Experience.
Our Services.
Modular and headless platform for modern in-store experiences.
Shopper Value
  • Search & locate products
  • Find near-by deals
Retailer Value
  • Reclaims lost revenue
  • Promotes nearby deals
Shopper Value
  • See clipped coupons
  • Shopping list & earn rewards
Retailer Value
  • Higher coupon redempotion
  • Improve omni-channel
Shopper Value
  • Eliminate lines with checkout in cart
Retailer Value
  • Lower cashier cost
  • Reduce shrink
Shopper Value
  • Increased awareness with
    in-store personalized ads.
Retailer Value
  • CPG & Private Label
  • Brands can reach in-store
  • Shopper at the most valuable Point of Purchase
Unlock Shopper Insights.
Computer Vision.
  • Frictionless Checkout
    Scan item barcodes to keep a running total and
    pay on the cart.
  • Loss Prevention
    Keeps track of all unscanned items with remote and
    in-person audit capabilities.
  • Location Tracking
    Visual Positioning System (VPS) can detect the precise location of the cart for context-aware experience.
Weather Resistant.
Carts can go to the parking lot - rain or shine.
  • Battery
    Battery runs all-day. Smart battery swapping technology significantly reduces operational effort. Charging station included.
  • Payment.
    Built-in payment reader for contactless checkout. EMV-certified and comes with end-to-end encryption (E2EE), and is also point to point encryption (P2PE) ready.
  • Secure.
    Designed with security in mind. GPS tracks cart location indoors, parking lot and beyond. Alerts are sent to employees to retrieve carts from the parking lot.
Getting Started with Engage
  • 7
    Backend Integration
    Backend Integration
    • Store Catalog
    • Deals & Coupons
    • Digital Planogram (if available)
  • 2
    Location Services
    • Enable location services
    • Store mapping
  • 1
    • Device installation
      (up to 40 devices)
    • WiFi Setup
    • Testing
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